Grammar Guide: Prepositions of Movement

A weatherman in Salt Lake City predicts that spring is here! He says that temperatures will be warmer in the following weeks, and that if nature is in our favor, we will see no more snow. After a mild winter, we can start planning our summer gardens, visiting the park, and enjoying the new life around us.

Prepositions of Movement
So far, we have covered both prepositions of time and place. Prepositions of movement show a relationship between two points and movement in the direction of one of those points.

To and Toward
We use to to express a movement in a specific direction.

  • I went to the store to buy seeds for my garden.
  • I bought the seeds and headed to the check-out counter.

We use toward to express a movement in a general direction.

  • After I came home, I walked toward the backyard.
  • I dragged my tools toward an area of soil.

Into and Through
We use into to express a movement from the outside to the inside of an enclosed space.

  • I pushed the seeds into the soil.
  • I put my hands into my work gloves.
We use through to express a movement within an enclosed space.
  • Since I needed a spade, I walked through the shed
  • I tore through the packet that contained the seeds.

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