Grammar Guide: Prepositions of Place

Next week, Nomen Global is headed up the canyon to one of the last winter adventures available this season. We will spend the day at Soldier Hollow, a resort for cross-country skiing and tubing, in Midway, Utah. Snow tubing involves sitting on an oversized tube and sliding down a hill. Soldier Hollow is famous for having the longest tubing lanes in Utah.

Prepositions of Place
Just like the prepositions of time, in, on, and at cause confusion for many English language learners.

We use in for enclosed spaces and usually for cities, states, and countries.

  • Soldier Hollow is located in Midway, Utah.
  • Right now, I am sitting in class.
  • My ticket for the tubing lanes is in my pocket.
Other expressions with in include
  • We are playing in the snow.
  • My friends are waiting in line to tube down the hill.

We use on for surfaces.

  • Sarah sat on the tube.
  • We are tubing on a hill.
  • There is a warning about ice on the sign.
Other expressions with on include
  • We are on our way (on the road) to Soldier Hollow.

We use at for points, stops on a journey, and events.

  • Nomen Global is spending the day at Soldier Hollow.
  • On our way to Soldier Hollow, we stopped at the grocery store for some snacks.
  • We will wait for all the students to arrive at the ticket counter.
  • The tubing hill starts at the top of the hill.
  • Mario is not at the tubing activity.

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