Student Spotlight: Shirlei Lima

Of all the students at Nomen Global, Shirlei Lima has probably been here the longest! Shirlei is originally from Brazil, but she has been studying English in Provo for 3 semesters. She intends to remain at Nomen Global for another semester. Shirlei is learning English for three reasons: (1) She loves it; (2) English is very important in today's society; (3) She wants to get her master's degree in the U.S. 

Shirlei has already graduated in business from a Brazilian university, which is one of her greatest accomplishments! She is currently working on applying to graduate programs in the United States. While she is waiting, Shirlei has enjoyed her time at Nomen Global because she says that the teachers make the students feel more comfortable. They are not just teachers; they are the students' friends. 

In her free time, Shirlei thrives outdoors. She loves all kinds of outdoor activities, and she can find so many great things outside in Utah. Her favorite dish is feijoada (the national dish of Brazil) made from beans and pork. Shirlei is also a fabulous dancer! She loves Zumba and is thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor one day. Above all, Shirlei believes that family is the most important.

In the future, Shirlei would love to start her own business. Because we know that she has international experience and a great business education, we know Shirlei will do great! 

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