Valentine's Day Spotlights: Changmin Ha and Carolina Moino

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Nomen Global students did a little speed dating. Sitting across from each other down both sides of a long table, the boys and girls had approximately 3 minutes to get to each other. After a short "date," everyone ranked their date on 1) their first impression, 2) their interest in their partner's hobbies, and 3) their partner's confidence in speaking English. At the end of the dating, we tallied up the scores and announced the winners. Allow us to introduce the two heart-throbs at Nomen Global:

Changmin (Jamie) Ha is from South Korea. He transferred to Nomen Global from another English school about 3 weeks ago, and he hopes to continue learning English for a full semester. Jamie has many dreams for the future, including getting a good job in Korea. In order to accomplish this, Jamie wants to perfect his English. Other goals include completing his undergraduate degree at his Korean university and pursuing higher education after that.

Jamie feels that the atmosphere of Nomen Global is similar to that of a family. He comments that the teachers allow him to study at his own pace, without pressure. The teachers are consistently available to help him learn English, not just get good grades. After Jamie finishes this semester, he will either complete another semester at Nomen Global or move to San Diego, California, for other opportunities.

Jamie is extremely studious, but he does allow himself to enjoy his free time. He loves music; he plays both the flute and the guitar. Additionally, he loves playing soccer. Although he is from Korea, Jamie really enjoys Italian food like pasta and pizza.

Part of Jamie's success is attributed to his high standards. He gives himself rules and specific criteria to live by.

Carolina Ceci Moino is from Brazil. Carol is currently studying civil engineering at a Brazilian university and wants to improve her English to help her get a better job. She enjoys learning English at Nomen Global because of the variety of different activities we have at locations around the area. Once Carol finishes studying English here, she intends to move back to Brazil to finish her degree. Good luck!

Carol is a results-driven person. She feels successful when she notices that she is improving and progressing. In addition to learning English and graduating in civil engineering, Carol also aspires to earn her MBA, travel to Europe, get a great job, get married, and have a family. Although Carol has many goals, family is definitely the most important thing to her.

In her free time, Carol hangs out with friends, goes to parties, dances, surfs (but not in Utah!), watches movies, and goes shopping. She loves to eat salad and fish. Carol always has a happy disposition and makes friends quickly.

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