Student Spotlight: Byoung Jin Moon

Byoung Jin Moon is from South Korea. He has been studying English at Nomen Global for 4 months and has recently advanced into Level 5! BJ hopes to study another 4 months before he applies to University of Utah. BJ is interested in learning English because he feels like the skills he is learning at Nomen Global will improve his life in the future. He especially enjoys the chance he has to improve his speaking skills with all of his friends in Utah.

BJ believes that people should never give up on their dreams even if their path is difficult. BJ has goals for himself to study business at the University of Utah and then pursue an MBA in Korea. He knows that when he accomplishes these goals, he will be very happy.

During his free time, BJ enjoys watching movies and he loves to eat Korean fried rice. If you meet BJ, you might be impressed with his honesty and honor because those are the most important things to him.

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