Movie Making

Have you ever made your own movie? This block at Nomen Global, students had the chance to be directors, producers, actors, actresses, and camera people.

Take a look at the movie-making activity we completed in two weeks:

Week 1
Time to plan!
  • Divide into groups and decide the general plot of your movie. The theme of the movie must be related to Valentine's Day, but you can explore other genres like action, comedy, horror, or mystery.
  • Decide what role each person in your group will take. You need a director, actors/actresses, and camera people. 
  • Write the script. Everyone needs to contribute what will take place in the story. Your script needs to include not only what the actors and actresses will say, but also where the shots will be filmed, what the actors and actresses will be doing, and what props will be needed.
Week 2
Time to film!
  • Get your scripts out and rehearse each scene. Make sure you know how long each scene will take and practice where the camera will be.
  • When you feel ready, begin filming! 
  • After all of your filming is complete, give your cameras to your teacher for editing.
We will debut the movies at our Valentine's Day party next week.

Check back soon to see some of the movies we made!

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