Student Spotlight: Rose Carvalheiro

Rose Carvalheiro is originally from Brazil, but she has been living in Utah for several years. Rose began studying English at Nomen Global about 7 months ago and will continue to study until June. Because Rose lives in the United States permanently, she feels strongly that speaking and writing well in English is very important. 

At Nomen Global, Rose especially loves the teachers. She says that they are always patient and helpful. After Rose finishes studying English, she will expand her business. She makes 100% natural and organic soap. In July, she will also start to work as a volunteer to protect children against abuse.

Although Rose has accomplished a lot with her business, her greatest success is being an excellent wife, mother, and grandmother. Her family is one of the most important things to her, as well as being around positive people. Rose has a goal to never stop learning. She tries to experience something new all the time. 

In her free time, Rose enjoys taking Zumba classes, creating art, reading books, and painting. She also loves seafood, including shrimp and lobster. 

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