Teacher Spotlight: Aimee Berrett

Aimee Berrett is from Fallbrook, California, near San Diego. She is Nomen Global's Level 1 Grammar and Level 2 Integrated Skills teacher. Aimee started teaching with us in August last year as an intern, but we liked her so much that we made her an official teacher in January! Aimee graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in linguistics and TESOL and German minors.

Besides meeting so many different students from so many different places, Aimee enjoys teaching at Nomen Global because she loves to see the progress her students make. Even though she gets sad when her students leave her class, Aimee loves getting to know them and helping them to improve their English.

Aimee strives to develop a connection between her and her students so that they feel comfortable around her. She always makes her lessons fun so that her students enjoy learning English, but she also notices and focuses on students who need extra help.

Aimee is married to her wonderful husband and hopes to have a beautiful family with him. Aimee loves to travel. She has visited all 50 states and has traveled to 13 different countries. Aimee lived in Austria for 4 months, which experience was the best time of her life! In the future, Aimee dreams of teaching English abroad (hopefully in Austria)! She may also go back to school to receive her master's degree in either TESOL or communication disorders.

Aspen (pictured above) is Aimee's adorable yellow lab. She loves to play with him while spending time with her husband. Aimee is happy that summer is coming so that she can play outside in the warmth!

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  1. Yeah Aimee! Aimee has always gone the extra mile with anything she does. She has been blessed with a love for everyone and it shows in her teaching.