Student Spotlight: Moussa Cissoko

Moussa Cissoko is from Mali, West Africa. He has been studying here for 2 semesters and will continue to study at Nomen Global until he passes the TOEFL. After Moussa passes the TOEFL, he will study a master's program in financial management.

Moussa's English has soared while he has been studying English! He says that he "like[s] the way that we learn English here. The teachers are kind and helpful." Moussa also enjoys getting to different people and making friends from all over the world. He is actually known by 4 different names in Provo: Moussa (African), Moses (American), Moïse (French), and Moises (Spanish)!

Being able to speak and understand English is one of Moussa's greatest successes. He hopes to one day own his own business and teach in a university in Mali. In his free time, Moussa enjoys reading books, watching the news, hanging out with friends, and eating pizza. The most important thing to Moussa is to love the things that you do.

Meet Moussa and other great students like him at Nomen Global!

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