Grammar Guide: Interjections

Interjections are the fun little words in the English language that express emotions in a way unlike other parts of speech. Interjections are not grammatically a part of a sentence. They are not common in writing, but we use them frequently in speech. They are usually set off with commas or followed by an exclamation mark.

English has many different types of interjections, all with different meanings. For example, the interjection ouch expresses pain whereas the interjection wow can express surprise or excitement.

Here are more examples of common interjections in English:

Ah! There is a snake in the bathroom!
Hmm, that's an interesting question.
Hey! Come sit with us!
Goodbye! I'll see you tomorrow!
Oh, what a lovely day!
Oh no! I dropped the flour all over the floor!
Ugh, my mom is making broccoli again.
"Do you want to come?" "Uh huh."
Well, what did he say?
Whew. The teacher postponed the test until next week.

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