Student Spotlight: Laura Arbiza

Laura Arbiza is from Uruguay. She plans to study at Nomen Global for 4 months, but she would like to stay here longer! Laura chose to study English to help her become a more well-rounded, better person. She enjoys studying at Nomen Global because the classes are small and the people are nice. One benefit of small classes is receiving a more personalized education.

After she finishes studying English, Laura plans to get her master's degree. Until then, her greatest success is receiving her nursing degree.

In addition to studying English, Laura enjoys listening to music and swimming. Now that summer is in full bloom, Laura will get to enjoy swimming under the sun! Laura's favorite food is lasagna. A few of her goals include learning English well and getting married. The most important thing to Laura is her mother.

To meet Laura and other great students like her, visit us at Nomen Global.

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