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Nomen Global offers a unique type of enrollment that allows students to begin classes every 2 weeks. Many of you have asked about open enrollment, and that amenity is available because of our unique and revolutionary 2-week modules.

What is modular education?
Modular education embraces the concept of organizing education into self-contained, individual units.

Modules at Nomen Global are strategically divided such that unit topics correspond to English ability. For example, a Level 1 student studies “Clothing” whereas a Level 5 student studies “Social Issues.”

Modules are independent of an overall subject matter; however, each module is infused with English grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Each module is equipped with a related project and assessment. Modular units can be simple and compartmentalized, yet they can also be intensive and fast-paced.

What are the benefits of modular education?Link school and work. Our modules intentionally include topics which students typically encounter in their lives. Our educational philosophy encompasses the idea of improving our students’ lives—not just their English. Because the modules are set in real-world situations, they allow students to think critically, thus preparing them not only for the TOEFL but also for life.

Enhance motivation.
According to several European studies, modular education actually enhances student motivation. Because of the itemized nature of the modules, students are not burdened by the idea of long-term subject matter. The scheduled days of assessment also allow students to better organize their study time.

Prevents students from falling behind.
One of the most advantageous features of the modular system is that it keeps all students on the same page all the time. Two students can enter our school at two different times, but neither of them will ever be behind. This system is what allows us to have open enrollment.

Here is a breakdown of the classes we offer at Nomen Global. These classes follow the 2-week, thematic structure of modular education.

Writing Workshop
This writing class emphasizes written application of grammar and editing to a themed writing style and topic. Students incorporate the same grammar principles that they learn in Grammar class. The writing styles include poetry, essays, short stories, etc.

Listening/Speaking Workshop

Often voted the favorite class at Nomen Global, Listening/Speaking Workshop focuses on the cultural and social aspects of using English in the real world. Students often take the English learning outside and interact with each other in a practical setting.


Nomen Global takes an integrated approach to reading. Students read a themed or genre-related novel and write, speak, and learn vocabulary related to the novel.


Students take a in-depth look at grammar using the Azar Grammar Series. The grammar principles studied in this class are repeated in both Writing Workshop and Integrated Skills for maximum practice and use.

Integrated Skills
Some call Integrated Skills the "meat and potatoes" of our curriculum. This class uses all four language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, to practice level-appropriate language and concepts.


American Life and CultureBeginning level students acquire vocabulary and practice using it in necessary, basic topics.

dioms and Informal Speech
Another favorite class, Idioms and Informal Speech focuses on just that: the everyday use of English the way most native speakers use it.

Current Events

Intermediate-advanced students discuss community, national, and world issues as explained in the local newspaper. Students not only study newspaper English, but necessary issues that are happening everywhere.

Research and Debate

For our most advanced students, a debatable theme is chosen each block to research, write about, and debate. Students learn how to write persuasively as well as effectively express strong opinions.

To find out more about the classes we offer at Nomen Global, contact us through our website.

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