Dances and Sports

Nomen Global students have had a fun-filled weekend. Last Thursday we partied all night at our Spring Dance Party. We enjoyed dancing with each other, singing karaoke, and eating good food. Take a look at some pictures!

After a night of dancing, we started off the new week playing sports. For our Monday Activity today, we took the English learning outside and designed our own sports.

We divided the students into teams of five at a park down the street from the school. Each team was given a bag of various sports items. The teams had to design a new sport using the items they were given. They wrote the object, the precautions, and the rules for their game. After the teams were finished designing their games, we all got to play! Here's an example of one team's sport:

          Rush and Catch

          Equipment needed:
  • 1 Frisbee
  • 1 soccer ball
  • 1 baseball bat
  • 3 baseballs
          Object of the game:
          Pass the Frisbee, soccer ball, and baseball to each person in the group.
          Each person will stay on a specific base (trees).
          If a team player doesn't catch the Frisbee, the person who threw it 
          must throw it again.
          Pass the soccer ball using your feet.
          The team who finishes the circuit fastest is the winner.

          Safety precautions:
          Watch the trees.

          Rules of the game:
          Don't go outside the circles around the trees.
          If the catcher doesn't catch the Frisbee, the pitcher must throw it again.
          Hit the baseball with the bat (as you do in golf) as many times you need it 
          to place the ball inside the circle.
          Kick the soccer ball until the ball hits the circle.

Here are pictures of other games that we created:

Upcoming Activities
Pool Party
Cool down this summer at our pool party and barbecue! Details to come!

Yellowstone Summer Adventure
Don't forget about our long-awaited summer adventure at the end of the month. We will explore some of the USA's most beautiful landscapes as we participate in an array of exciting activities.

Rooftop Series Concert
Enjoy some new and good music on the rooftop of a neighboring bank. It's free!

Nomen Global students continue to have great English learning opportunities in and out of school. To learn more about the programs we offer, visit our website.

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