Sundance Adventure

Last Friday night Nomen Global students experienced the "Greatest Snow on Earth!" We took our chances (many of us for the first time!) on the slopes at Sundance Resort to test our skills in skiing and snowboarding.

After meeting together at Nomen Global, we arrived at Sundance in the afternoon to prepare for Night Skiing.

 We were fitted for boots, skis, and snowboardsand then we headed to the slopes.

Some of us were already quite skilled in the sport, but many more of us needed lots of practice! Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Upcoming Activities
Book Sale
Join Nomen Global on Tuesday and Wednesday for a school-wide book sale! We will be selling some classic English novels and gently-used grammar books. Every item costs under $2!

We are excited to spend an evening taking part in a favorite American pastime! This Friday we will head over to our favorite bowling alley. Join us for an evening of fun and entertainment!

Nomen Global students enjoy all the activities happening this time of year! To learn more about Nomen Global and the activities we participate in, visit our website.

Answers to Pronunciation Practice

hugs /z/      kisses /əz/      flowers /z/      trees /z/      houses /əz/      yards /z/      
chairs /z/      desks /s/      
spoons /z/      forks /s/      pens /z/      pencils /z/      

teachers /z/      students /s/      letters /z/      
envelopes /s/      maps /s/      

kites /s/      
seats /s/      boxes /əz/      tents /s/      hands /z/      fingers /z/

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