Macbeth, Bowling, and Soccer


When Macbeth and his wife learn of a mysterious prophecy that Macbeth will be crowned King of Scotland, their greed and impatience lead them down a terrible path, a path that ends in tragedy.

Last week, Level 4 classes took on the challenge of presenting this tragic play to Nomen Global. After end-of-block assessments, Nomen Global students enjoyed watching on of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.

Take a look at the a.m. class.

Here is the p.m. class!

Bowling and Soccer

On Friday, Nomen Global students spent time with each other at Fat Cats, a bowling alley and game center located near the school.

After a few games of bowling, the students teamed up to play an exciting game of soccer. Nomen Global enjoyed playing so much that we will have a soccer game every Friday this spring! Join us in the fun!

Upcoming Activities
Mark Zuckerberg
Come with us to see the creator of facebook answer questions about his technological and entrepreneurial journey on March 25th at the Marriott Center.

Comedy Sportz
After listening to the inspiration of the movie, The Social Network, come laugh and interact with one of the best improv comedy troupes in Utah!

Nomen Global students love learning and spending time together. If you want to learn more about Nomen Global or the programs we offer, visit our website!

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