At the End of Every Rainbow Lies A Pot of Gold

Rainbows are the rare but beautiful natural phenomenon that is created when sunlight reflects through water droplets left in the atmosphere. People throughout history have loved the magic of rainbows. Many countries believe that rainbows can bring good or bad luck—but one country tells a legend of treasure.

Have you heard the famous Irish legend? Fairies bury their treasure to keep it safe, but the end of the rainbow points to where the treasure lies. The treasure, a pot of gold, is guarded by cunning and crafty leprechauns.

Last week, Nomen Global students took their chances with the leprechauns to see if they could uncover buried treasure! We broke up into groups of 4 and embarked on a journey down Center Street. Our groups were given a set of clues—clues that would lead us to the treasure! Each clue led us to a different store on Center Street, and we had to talk to different people at the stores to figure out the next clue. This treasure hunt was a great way to practice speaking and listening! The groups raced to see who could find the treasure first. Take a look at the pictures from this St. Patrick's Day event:

Upcoming Activities
Mark Zuckerberg
Come with us to see the creator of facebook answer questions about his technological and entrepreneurial journey on this Friday at the Marriott Center at BYU. 
The event starts at 11 a.m., but be at the Marriott Center early because many people want good seats! 

Comedy Sportz
A few weeks after we listen to the inspiration of the movie, The Social Network, we will laugh and interact with one of the best improv comedy troupes in Utah! On April 8th, join us at Comedy Sportz!

We at Nomen Global love finding ways to use English and have fun! To learn more about the school, its students, and our programs, visit our website.

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