Student Spotlight: Hyeyoung Cho

Hyeyoung Cho is a Level 5 student from South Korea. Hyeyoung has been studying at Nomen Global for 2 weeks! She chose to study at Nomen Global because she knows that she will be prepared for a great university. Hyeyoung loves Nomen Global because she enjoys her grammar class and all of her teachers.

After Hyeyoung finishes studying at Nomen Global, she plans to pass the TOEFL test so that she can attend college. Hyeyoung considers acquiring dedicated study skills one of her greatest successes. She hopes these skills will prepare her for an Ivy League school to give her wider opportunities in life.

Traveling the world, talking with friends, and making food are among some of Hyeyoung's favorite hobbies. She hopes to accomplish many goals in her life, including being comfortable, having a happy family, feeling satisfied, having true friends, and having a good job and money. And besides food and water, Hyeyoung values her family, her health, her positive attitude, and her friends.

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