Student Spotlight: Sandy Yang

Sandy Yang is an advanced student from Taiwan. She has been studying at Nomen Global for almost 2 months and will continue to study English here for 8 more months. Sandy is studying at Nomen Global to improve her English and to make friends from different countries. In addition to studying English, Sandy enjoys the teachers and the other students "because all of them are nice. [She] really learns a lot from them."

After Sandy finishes studying at Nomen Global, she plans to return to Taiwan and work. Making money is one of the most important things to Sandy, so having a solid understanding of English will help her reach her goals. Other goals that Sandy aspires after include improving her English and traveling around with her parents.

Sandy enjoys hanging out with friends in her spare time. Her favorite foods are blueberry scones and muffins.

Living alone in Utah is one of Sandy's greatest successes. This experience allows Sandy to reinforce her independence and responsibility. She is also proud to report that she can solve any problem with which she is faced.

Meet Sandy and other great students like her at Nomen Global!

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