Student Spotlight: Erik Parronchi

Erik Parronchi is from Brazil and has been studying at Nomen Global for 6 months. He is a dedicated student who stays on campus to refine his English skills.Erik is one of the few students we have enrolled in the GMAT Preparation course. "GMAT" stands for "graduate management admission test". This test is required of students who want to study business in a graduate program. Erik plans to take the TOEFL and GMAT in order to apply for the MBA program at Brigham Young University.

Besides preparing for his tests, Erik enjoys the teachers and the activities at Nomen Global. He has experienced success in many aspects of his life: receiving a master's degree in Brazil, being professionally successful, and having a beautiful family.

Erik is a proud husband and father. His family is the most important thing to him. He enjoys watching movies, playing sports (especially soccer, tennis, and volleyball), and playing with his kids. Erik loves good Brazilian barbecue and Italian-style pasta.

In addition to receiving his MBA, Erik aspires to write a book, serve an LDS mission with his wife, and provide the best education for his children.

Learn more about Erik and other great students like him at Nomen Global!

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