Student Spotlight: Gabriel Gimenes Silva

Gabriel Gimenes is from Brazil. He has been studying English at Nomen Global for 4 months and will continue to study for 1 more month. Gabriel enjoys his friends, his teachers, his good experiences, and the inexpensive tuition at Nomen Global.

Gabriel has been preparing to take the TOEFL since he arrived in the United States. He took the TOEFL just a few weeks ago—and he received an excellent score! His score was so good that  he is now able to apply to Brigham Young University. Congratulations! Gabriel considers this one of his greatest successes. He hopes to study mechanical engineering.

In addition to studying English, Gabriel spends his time playing the guitar, playing Xbox, and playing sports (especially soccer). His favorite food is the Italian dish lasagna a bolognese.

A few of Gabriel's goals include finishing his study at an American university, having a good job in the United States, and starting his own company. One of the most important things to Gabriel is living with people that he likes.

Meet Gabriel and other great students like him at Nomen Global.

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