Hiking Trails in Utah

Welcome to Utah! Now, what to do? Summertime in Provo is a great time to get out and explore the majestic mountains around us. Nomen Global students are lucky to have some of the most beautiful hiking trails right at our fingertips! Today we will share some of our favorite hikes in Utah Valley.

Easy Hikes
Stewart Falls
This popular trail lies to the east side of Timpanogos and travels through a beautiful forest of trees and shrubbery. The reward, however, comes at the end of the trail where hikers are led to a waterfall over 200 feet high. The trail splits to allow hikers to view the waterfall from the top of a cliff or from the bottom of the falls.

Battle Creek Falls
A friendly trail near Pleasant Grove, Utah, leads to yet another waterfall. This waterfall can be viewed from both the top and the bottom of the falls. Adventurous hikers attempt to rappel from the top of the falls, while they enjoy the cool mountain water.

Fifth Water Waterfalls and Hot Spring
Another popular hike, Fifth Water Waterfalls and Hot Spring, lead the hiker to a rewarding and unique destination. Hikers usually plan to take a dip in the hot spring at the base of the falls. This trail is located east of Spanish Fork and is especially popular in the warm weather.

Moderate Hikes
Timpanogos Cave
This trail leads to one of the more unique sights in Utah Valley: Timpanogos Cave National Monument. The formations found in the cave are decorated with color, a scene that attracts visitors from all around the valley. The caves must be explored with a tour guide, and the destination is worth the steep hike.

Y Trail
One of the most popular hikes among Provo residents, Y Trail leads to the famous, giant "Y" that is whitewashed on the mountain. The "Y" is the tallest letter of its kind in the United States--even taller than the letters in HOLLYWOOD! This trail is quite steep, so be prepared with good shoes and lots of energy. The reward lies at the top of the trail: a spectacular view of Utah Valley, day or night.

Difficult Hikes
Mt. Nebo Summit
Mt. Nebo is the tallest mountain along the Wasatch Front. This strenuous trail takes the hiker an additional 3800 feet in elevation.

Mt. Timpanogos Summit
The other popular peak takes the hiker 11,749 feet in elevation. Mt. Timpanogos is the second tallest mountain along the Wasatch Front, after Mt. Nebo; however, this summit is the more popular.

Take some time this summer to enjoy all the trails available near Nomen Global. To learn more about studying English at our school, visit our website.

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