O Pioneers!

When we think of the word "pioneer," many people think of innovators in history like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, the Wright brothers, or Thomas Edison. However, "pioneer" has a special meaning in American history. American pioneers represent the people or groups of people that began the westward expansion of the new country. The first American pioneers originated in the thirteen original American colonies, but other pioneers include those who have moved from other countries to the United States. Nomen Global students are even pioneers! Though they are a part of history, our students caught a glimpse of American pioneers from an older generation. Take a look at some of the pictures we took from our trip to the Pioneer Museum and Village at North Park in Provo.

Our students had a great educational experience. See what they have to say:

"I think it was very good because we learned about USA's pioneers." - Tomoya, Japan
"It was very good for me because I could know more history from the United States of America." - Mario, Indonesia
"I think [the Pioneer village] is a great place. I liked how our tour guide explained things." - Rocio, Mexico
"It was very interesting. I learned new things about pioneers. I also learned new vocabulary words." - Tamara, Armenia
"I loved it! I learned how to play with old toys [that the pioneers used]!" - Aika, Japan
"It's a pretty experience because you see the style of life. No internet, no Facebook--only your family and nature." - Sebastian, Colombia

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