Student Spotlight: Yichen Zhou

Yichen Zhou is one of our trilingual students (he speaks Chinese, Portuguese, and English!), who is enrolled in College Preparation. He is originally from China, but has also lived in Brazil for many years. Chen has been studying at Nomen Global for about one year, and although he enjoys studying English here, he will transfer to Utah Valley University very soon.

Chen is studying English in order to improve his career opportunities in the technology market. He works with video games and continues to be successful in this industry. He hopes to study both business administration (emphasis in accounting) and digital media (emphasis in gaming).

In his free time, Chen enjoys learning more about video games and building models. He even has his own show on the internet! He loves Chinese food and his family. Chen hopes to get a great job, make money, and marry a beautiful woman after he graduates from college.

Get to know Chen and other great students like him at Nomen Global.

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