Student Spotlight: Violeta Arce

Violeta Arce is from Mexico. She has been studying English at Nomen Global for one month and plans to study in the United States for one year. She chose to study at Nomen Global to help her improve her English and to help her find a better job.

Although Violeta had not been in school for 15 years, she decided to return. Coming back to school has been one of her goals for a long time. Even though school can be challenging, Violeta says that she is "confident and committed to it." Way to go!

Now Violeta enjoys meeting new people and making friends from other countries. After she finishes studying in Utah, she will find a job or continue to study English somewhere else. Violeta hopes to own her own business as a dentist.

In her free time, Violeta likes to dance or play volleyball. She loves to eat Mexican food (especially green enchiladas). She loves being a mother and taking care of her daughter.

Meet Violeta and more committed students like her at Nomen Global.

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