Student Spotlight: Imene Loussaief

Imene Loussaief is the only student at Nomen Global from France. She has been studying English at Nomen Global for 4 weeks and will continue to study for another 4 weeks. Imene is here for only a short time, but she is certainly improving her English by living in the United States.

Imene hopes to master English so that she can have a more successful career in marketing. She hopes to return to France to get a job. Imene mentions that she enjoys Nomen Global because of the quality of the classes. Imene received many honors at her graduation in France, which achievement is her greatest success so far. In addition to learning English and finding a job, Imene also wants to get married.

In her free time, Imene enjoys learning more about salsa dancing. Her favorite food is lasagna and she loves her family more than anything. One of Imene's greatest talents is that she is not easily discouraged, even if she is doing something difficult.

Learn more about Imene and other ambitious students like her at Nomen Global.

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