Staff Spotlight: Keith Savage

Keith Savage has been working with Nomen Global for four months as an International Recruiter for the Middle East and South Asia. He works primarily with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nepal, and India. Keith is from Hamer, Idaho, but has traveled extensively throughout the world.

Keith's first experience abroad was a London Study Abroad with BYU for 2 months where he studied European history. He then served as a missionary for the LDS church for 2 years in the Philippines. In the Philippines, he became fluent in Tagalog and Illongo. After his mission, Keith spent a summer in Nepal teaching English in rural areas of the Himalayas. There he had the opportunity to climb the highest mountain pass in the world (Thorung La - 17,769 ft)!

This summer, Keith plans on studying Turkish in Turkey. After that, he plans on volunteering with a group in Palestine for a couple of weeks before he completes a mandatory Arabic study abroad with BYU in Amman, Jordan.

In addition to Tagalog and Illongo, Keith speaks Arabic and Turkish. Evident by his past international experiences, Keith loved the diversity at Nomen Global. He has the chance to meet students from all countries. In the future, Keith hopes to become Fluent in both Arabic and Turkish, complete a master's degree in policy studies at Stanford University, get married, and have a long, successful career as a foreign service officer. 

Keith lives by his favorite quote by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: "We should not only cease our negative activities, but also the motivation that gives rise to them." Keith also enjoys playing the guitar and watching documentaries (He recommends "Sun Behind the Clouds")!

Get to know Keith and other ambitious recruiters at Nomen Global.

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