Student Spotlight: Massiel Alejandra Parra Munoz

Massiel Parra is originally from Chile (which she says is the best country in the world!). She has been studying at Nomen Global for five months and will continue to study here until September. Massiel has advanced through a couple of levels at Nomen Global, and we are impressed with her success!

Massiel chose to study English because she knows that it is important, even in South America; many good jobs require English proficiency. In addition Massiel hopes to study at a university in the United States. Massiel is happy with her experience learning English at Nomen Global. She feels that she learns new things everyday and she enjoys meeting new and friendly people.

Although Massiel has already accomplished a lot, she is most proud that she came to the United States on her own to make her dreams come true. She plans to apply to universities in the United States after she finishes studying at Nomen Global. Other goals include speaking English perfectly, being a professional, and having her own family. Good luck, Massiel!

In her free time, Massiel enjoys going to the pool, playing volleyball, or hanging out with friends. She also loves eating lasagna, her favorite Italian food. The most important thing to Massiel, however, is her family, her friends, and her studies. She always strives to feel that she is progressing as a person.

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