Student Spotlight: Liset Fuentelba

Liset Fuentealba S. is from Antofagasta, Chile. Although she has been at Nomen Global for only a few weeks, she plans to study English here for a year. She is studying English simply because she loves it, but she loves all languages in general.

Liset has enjoyed her experience at Nomen Global so far. She appreciates that the teachers are qualified with proper education. Liset is proud that she was able to come to the United States without any problems. After she finishes studying English, she will study to be a professional interpreter. What a great career! Good luck, Liset!

In her free time, Liset enjoys relaxing and, yes, studying English! (She says English is her hobby!) Her favorite food is lasagna and she loves her family.

Meet Liset and other fun students like her at Nomen Global!

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