Student Spotlight: Hussein Abdullah-al-otaibi

Hussein Abdullah-al-otaibi is one of our newest students from Saudi Arabia. Hussein is studying English for the first time and has been here for just a few weeks, but has already started improving his English! He hopes to improve enough so that he can enter a university in the future. Hussein loves the teachers at Nomen Global. It can be difficult to study a language for the first time, but he says that the teachers are always helpful and patient.

Hussein has plans to complete a bachelor's degree of public administration. In addition to earning a bachelor's degree, Hussein wants to earn a salary that is right for him in the future. He wants to have a great job and a nice house. Good luck, Hussein! In his free time, Hussein enjoys hanging out with his friends that he's met at Nomen Global, and his favorite food is chicken with rice.

Meet Hussein and other devoted students like him at Nomen Global!

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