Student Spotlight: Valeria Sepulveda

Valeria Sepulveda may be the next big rock star from Chile. She loves to play the drums with her band. If you are lucky, you may even get to see her perform at local concerts in the area! In addition to being extremely talented in music, Valeria is also talented in her English skills.

Val has been studying at Nomen Global for almost seven months. She will continue to study until she has a chance to pass the TOEFL. She's currently enrolled in TOEFL Preparation and excels in her studies. Although she is already proficient in many ways, Val is interested in improving her English because she understands that her opportunities will be better in the future (and because she loves the language)! She enjoys all aspects of Nomen Global: the teachers, the students, her classmates, the classes, and the activities. After Val finishes with Nomen Global, she hopes to transfer to another school to continue to learn and improve in her music studies.

Among Val's greatest accomplishments are graduating from college in Chile, winning a Battle of the Bands on TV in Chile, and going on tour with her band. In the future, Val would love to feel more fulfilled as a drummer, have a family, and continue to be happy. Besides drums and music, Val also loves sports, all kinds of food, and her family and friends.

Meet Valeria and other out-going students like her at Nomen Global!

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