Student Spotlight: Guillermo Olguin

Guillermo Olguin is from Mexico. He is one of our newest students in Level 1. Although Guillermo knew almost no English when he started at Nomen Global one month ago, he is already making a lot of friends and improving his English in and out of class. Guillermo will study here for another 8 months before he returns to Mexico. After Guillermo learns English, he hopes to finish his bachelor's degree and get a better job in Mexico.

While he has been here, Guillermo has really enjoyed learning about the other students and their cultures. Nomen Global is lucky to have around 30 different countries represented by all of its students! In addition to learning about other cultures, Guillermo loves to play soccer and to travel. He also loves Mexican food (of course)!

The most important thing to Guillermo is his family. He also hopes to have great friends all his life and play on a soccer team in the future. Guillermo is a great person and makes all of his classes really fun!

Meet Guillermo and other fun students like him at Nomen Global!

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