Grammar Guide: Noun Clauses with That and If

After the Civil War in early American history, women and children from the South decorated their towns with flags to honor the men and boys who died in the war. Today, Memorial Day is still celebrated to honor those who have fought and died in the US military defending their country. Memorial Day is considered a federal holiday in the United States, meaning that public offices and institutions are closed. The following picture depicts a gravestone in Arlington National Cemetery honoring the "unknown soldiers," or any soldier who has served the United States.

Noun Clauses Beginning with That
Noun clauses can begin with a variety of words. Two other common words, in addition to question words, are that and if.

  • Soldiers promise that they will protect their country.
  • These soldiers do not know if they will survive.
  • After the Civil War, the women and children agreed that the soldiers needed to be remembered.
  • I do not know if the soldiers realize how much we appreciate them.
  • We believe that Memorial Day is an important holiday
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