Student Spotlight: Junior Gomes

Junior Gomes is from Brazil. He has studied English for many years, but he plans to study at Nomen Global for just one semester before he prepares to go to an American university. Junior enjoys Nomen Global because it is overall a great school, but he especially enjoys his grammar class.

Junior is involved in many things in his life. He has recently completed serving a mission for his church; he considers this honest service his greatest success. Junior also plays soccer, dances, and hangs out with his friends. His favorite food is pizza.

Junior has already accomplished many of his personal goals, but he hopes to reach a few more after studying English. Junior would like to study at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. After he earns his degree in the US, Junior hopes to get a great job. Finally, since family is the most important thing to him, he hopes to get married.

Get to know Junior and other active students like him at Nomen Global.

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