Student Spotlight: Jae Hwan Jhong

Jae Hwan Jhong is an advanced English student from South Korea. He has been studying at Nomen Global for several weeks and will be here until January. Jae understands all the advantageous opportunities available in his country if he knows English, so he is diligently studying to become more fluent. When asked about his favorite aspect of Nomen Global, Jae responded, "I love this place! The teachers, students . . . everything."

After Jae finishes his English study, he plans to travel around the United States for one month. With a solid understanding of English, Jae can visit the most popular American destinations easily. He will then return to his home country to prepare for other life plans.

Jae is an extremely optimistic person. He is always happy and always working hard. When he passes tests, Jae feels a great sense of accomplishment. He loves sports, especially tennis and baseball, and he loves people. Because he works so well with others, he hopes to be a teacher one day. Obviously, Jae's favorite food is Korean food, but he also enjoys Japanese and American food.

Get to know Jae and other optimistic people at Nomen Global!

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