Student Spotlight: Alejandra Garcia

Alejandra Garcia is from Mexico City and has been at Nomen Global for one year. She will continue to study English for another semester before she begins applying to LDS colleges. Alejandra is studying English to prepare for higher education in the United States. She enjoys the classes and the activities, but she loves the teachers most of all!

Alejandra is a great student who is kind to everybody. Her daily motto is "to be better today that I was yesterday." A few of her other goals include going to BYU, becoming a doctor, playing volleyball at BYU, doing service, and getting married to a wonderful man!

In her spare time, Alejandra likes to play volleyball, to learn about the guitar (and other instruments), to sing karaoke, and to visit new places. Obviously, Alejandra loves Mexican food (mole, beans, and rice with chicken), but she also loves Chinese food.

The most important thing to Alejandra is that she doesn't forget who she is. She always strives to figure out the thing she wants most, make a plan, and do it.

Meet Alejandra and other great students like her at Nomen Global!

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