Teacher Spotlight: Charlene Josier

Charlene Josier is one of our incredible English teachers at Nomen Global. She has been teaching English at Nomen Global for over 3 years. Charlene teaches Grammar Levels 2 and 3, Current Events, TOEFL Preparation, and Integrated Skills Level 2.

Charlene is from Nassau, Bahamas. She has a bachelor's degree in communication, a master's degree in TESOL. She is currently working on a master's degree in human resources.

Besides teaching her wonderful students, Charlene loves working in a good environment and working as a team with her peers. Charlene contributes a great deal to the school with her ability to see a project to the end, her stick-to-itiveness, and continuous improvement. She also loves to see her students accomplish their goals and aspirations.

"There is no neutral area between good and evil." by W. Eugene Hansen is Charlene's favorite quote. She enjoys learning Italian, cooking, and socializing with groups of her friends.

Meet Charlene and more great teachers like her at Nomen Global.

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