Student Spotlight: Blanca Corea

Blanca Lidia Corea Marcia, born in San Pedro Sula, is from Honduras. She has been studying at Nomen Global for two months and will continue studying English for eight months. Blanca is studying at Nomen Global to acquire the necessary skills to pass the TOEFL and GRE. She is confident that the skills she is developing will not only help her tremendously on the TOEFL and GRE but also help her in everyday life situations.

Blanca enjoys her teachers at Nomen Global. She reports that they push and encourage the student to give their very best. She also enjoys Novels Study because it has helped her improve her reading and writing skills. After Blanca finishes at Nomen Global, she hopes to attend BYU and to attain a master's degree in nutrition.

Blanca enjoys going to the gym, swimming, and participating in outdoor activities. She says that her greatest success is to have found a wonderful man who complements her life. She says she has a marvelous marriage! Blanca also loves Italian and Chinese food.

In addition to improving her English, Blanca hopes to pass the TOEFL with a score greater than 95 and to pass the GRE with a score greater than BYU requires. Long term, Blanca aspires to earn a master's degree in nutrition for athletes, to learn how to play the piano, and to receive certification as a physical trainer—particularly weight training. Blanca hopes to run her own company that encourages people to improve their lives by eating and exercising intelligently.

The most important thing to Blanca is, of course, family. She believes that families are one of the most precious gifts that she has.

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