International Food and Laser Tag

Nomen Global students have had an exciting week of food and fun. We started off with an international food banquet! For our Monday Activity, we set out as groups on a quest to find the best restaurants that represent our respective countries. The Mexican students found great Mexican food, the Korean students found delicious Korean food, and the list goes on! After each group found its way back to the school with plates of international dishes, we taught each other about the significance of each dish in our countries. We gave short presentations about our home cultures and traditions. The best part, however, was the food itself! We took samples of dishes from around the world and shared our favorite foods with each other.

Take a look at Nomen Global students as we sample foods from around the world.

The week ended with a fun trip over to Provo's favorite laser tag facility, Laser Assault. Nomen Global students suited up in laser-sensored vests and laser guns. Similar to paint ball, laser tag is a 2-team sport. The teams seek to protect their own targeted laser sensors and shoot the opponents' target. Wearing laser-sensored vests, each player is also a target! Teams earn points when they shoot other team members and their  target. Although our students lost this week's battle, we loved playing this high-intensity sport! We will return and hopefully claim the victory!

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