Teacher Spotlight: Andrea Dietrich

Andrea Dietrich has been teaching at Nomen Global longer than any other teacher. She has been teaching English at Nomen Global for almost 30 years (12 of them have been at Nomen Global)! She teaches TOEFL Level Grammar, Level 5 Integrated Skills, and the Beginning Level American Culture and Novels. Andrea loves the students at Nomen Global because they always work hard to improve.

Andrea is originally from Iowa. Her greatest strengths are her patience, good sense of humor, and writing skills. Andrea has already published many poems, but she has another goal to publish a novel one day! In addition to poetry, Andrea enjoys watching movies in her free time.

Get to know Andrea and other accomplished teachers like her at Nomen Global!

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  1. Andrea was my teacher at Nomen a couple years ago. She is awesome, very creative, and great teacher!