Student Spotlight: Carian Wu

Carian Wu is from China. She came to Nomen Global two months ago and will study English here for another 8 months. Carian is studying in the intermediate level to prepare for the TOEFL. She hopes to study at an American university after perfecting her English.

Carian is happy with her English progress so far and considers it one of the best things she has accomplished. She enjoys Nomen Global not only for her English classes but for the diversity of the student body. She has made friends from many different countries.

In her spare time, Carian enjoys her hobbies of playing on the computer, going shopping, and swimming. She loves all spicy food and fruit. In the future, Carian hopes to be the CEO of a company. The most important thing to Carian is to make everyday happy.

Get to know Carian and other happy students like her at Nomen Global.

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