Teacher Spotlight: Cherie Allen

Cherie Allen is a native Utahn who has a passion for teaching and learning. Cherie received her bachelor's degree in English literature with a minor in foreign language. She has always demonstrated a love for English, other languages, and other cultures. Cherie began working at Nomen Global last month teaching College Preparation Grammar and Level 4 Integrated Skills.

Before she started teaching at Nomen Global, Cherie was a substitute teacher for 2 years at various schools. Cherie has enjoyed the students that she has worked with over the years and is excited for the cultural diversity among the students at Nomen Global. Cherie says, "The staff is amazing and the students love to learn!"

In addition to her solid background with English and teaching, Cherie's greatest strengths are interacting with the students on their level, remaining positive, being persistent, and having an outstanding personality. Cherie believes that she should not only teach everyone something but also learn something everyday.

In her spare time, Cherie enjoys wake boarding, snow skiing, and hiking.

Meet Cherie and other passionate teachers like her at Nomen Global.

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