Student Spotlight: Chiyao (Amos)

Chiyao (Amos) is from Taiwan. He has been studying at Nomen Global for 4 and a half months and currently has no plans to leave any time soon. Amos is studying English because he wants to use this global language in his career and for worldwide travel.

Amos especially enjoys the activities at Nomen Global. He actively participates in almost every Conversation Cafe and thoroughly enjoys Monday Activities. He also thinks that the teachers are very nice.

"I feel my English is progressing. I'm so happy." Amos believes that his greatest success is learning grammar, vocabulary, and reading.

Aside from studying English, Amos enjoys running, cooking, and playing on the computer. Although he enjoys food from almost any country, he especially loves watermelon and deli sandwiches.

Amos hopes to travel to many countries in his lifetime, and he believes his English will make traveling convenient. He also hopes to find a lovely wife and go on a church service mission with her one day.

Meet Amos and other fast-learning students like him at Nomen Global.

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