Valentine's Day Activities

Happy Valentine's Day to all! We here at Nomen Global celebrated with love and sweets! Last Thursday, we kicked off the festivities with a Valentine's Day Dance! We enjoyed some sweet snacks, karaoke, and lots of dancing! Take a peek at the fun we had!

Today, to show the love, we launched our own version of speed dating! Speed dating is a fun and carefree activity to get to know many people really well in a short period of time. The ladies sit on one side of a long table; the gentlemen sit on the other side. For three minutes, everyone is paired up with a partner and asks a variety of questions to get to know each other. At the end of three minutes, the gentlemen move over one seat and the round of questions starts again! 

We first began with discussing the cultural background of speed dating in the United States. We then wrote a series of question--simple and complex--that we could ask our partner. Then, the fun began! As the guys moved around the table, we all ranked our partner based on personality compatibility. At the end of the activity, we handed out prizes for some of our students!

We have a great group of students at Nomen Global and we all enjoyed learning new, interesting, and funny things about each other! 

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