Teacher Spotlight: Jessie Hale

Jessie Hale is from Arlington, Texas—home of this year's Super Bowl! Jessie received her B.A. in English Linguistics from Brigham Young University. She minored in TESOL, editing, and music. In addition to English, Jessie has also studied Spanish, German, Russian, Finnish, Tagalog, and Old English. 

Jessie has been teaching at Nomen Global since June 2010. 
She teaches Level 5 Grammar and College Preparation. Jessie also works in the International Sales and Marketing department. She loves interacting with students from all over the world. She has traveled to 11 different countries: England, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Mexico! She taught English in Ukraine for a semester in 2009. Jessie loves people, cultures, and languages from all over the world!

Working hard, learning quickly, and communicating effectively are a few of Jessie's strengths. She aspires to one day earn her master's degree, live in Japan, and ride an elephant. Her favorite aspect of English is the rich history that the language has experienced. 

Jessie spends her free time cooking delicious meals for her husband and volunteering at the Provo Library. Her favorite quote is from the German version of the Three Musketeers musical: 
"Wenn der Mast auch zerbricht, wir verzweifeln noch nicht." (If the mast (on a ship) is destroyed, we will not despair.) D'Artagnan, meaning that even if the most reliable support in our life were destroyed, we would not give up.

You can meet Jessie and other great teachers at Nomen Global. Check back next week for another spotlight!

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