Kisook Yim, from Suwon, South Korea.

Kisook Yim came to the United States from Suwon, South Korea, 3 years ago, with her two daughters, and began her intensive English learning at Nomen Global Language Center, in Provo, Utah, in the summer of 2012.
Suwon, South Korea, is 30 kilometers south of the capital Seoul, and is known as “The City of Filial Piety”.  It is a popular tourist destination because it is the last walled city in South Korea.
Kisook will be returning to her Korean hometown of Suwon at the end of this month with her youngest daughter so she can spend time with her extended family before joining the work force; she hopes to use her English skills to work in Sales.  Her oldest daughter, Doyoung Kwon, will be staying here in Provo, Utah, to attend Brigham Young University this coming fall.
Kissok says that she has enjoyed her time at Nomen Global Language Center because of the many fun activities the school holds for students, during which she had the opportunity to make many international friends from countries such as Mali and Saudi Arabia.  She calls the teachers at Nomen Global “professional” and “methodical”.  She will recommend that her friends back in Korea who wish to learn English consider attending Nomen Global because “it has a good program and they will make many friends!”  

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