Student Spotlight: Alvaro Aguilar

Alvaro Aguilar is originally from Bolivia. He has been studying English at Nomen Global for one semester and has just begun his second semester here. Alvaro chose to study English at Nomen Global to prepare himself for an American university. He plans to apply and study at a university after he finishes preparing for the TOEFL.

Alvaro enjoys studying at our school because he feels like the teachers and the other students are one big, extended family. In fact, the most important thing to Alvaro is his family, so we are happy to hear that he feels at home!

Alvaro's greatest success is graduating from high school. He also has plans and goals for the future: He hopes to have a good life and have everything he needs. Alvaro also enjoys playing sports, especially soccer. Since so many of our students enjoy soccer like Alvaro, they get together every week for a good soccer game. He also loves Bolivian food!

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